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BEC Construction is a full-service construction firm built on unfaltering integrity and superior knowledge of the industry. The dedicated team has compiled decades of proven results and satisfied clients. The main source of business has always been repeat clients and referrals, a strong testament to its quality construction and solid principles. BEC Construction has always been, and will continue to be, a company based on a foundation of solid principles with the main goal of building quality projects, but more importantly, quality and lasting relationships.


BEC Construction announces that Ross Marple, former Vice President of Operations, has been promoted to President of the Company. Ross will continue to oversee the day to day construction operations of the Company. In his new role Ross’ responsibilities will be expanded to include management of corporate operations.

Berry Coggeshall, former President and founder of BEC Construction, will take on the role of Chief Executive officer. He will continue to take an active role in the management of the corporation with a focus on achieving the company’s long term goals and growth strategies.


New Dental Office

BEC construction has been great to work with. They were very responsive to any concerns or questions I had and were on top of any issues that came up. They’ve been very attentive even after the project was completed to make sure everything is how I need it. Great team, great work!.

Dr. Dave Latham
Dr. Latham decides to upgrade his dental office.

Transplants from Georgia

Each time we came, we saw that progress was being made and we were pleased with what we saw…….We never tire of it.

We had no surprises. Berry stuck to his schedule. All of his subcontractors were lined up and ready to go when he needed them. He was very accurate in his record-keeping and it was easy to determine what he’d done each month and what the charges represented.

Tom Humphries
Speaking about Tom & Margie Humprhies’ 4,400-square-foot Lowcountry-style brick home at Prince George.

The Real Estate Agent Buys a New Home

We had a wonderful experience. One of the reasons that I used Berry is because Berry knew that I did not want to cut corners during construction. Additionally, I wanted the best building materials, and since I did not know what was available, I depended on him. Berry has excellent work habits, is analytical and is a good communicator. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Berry is not only a fine builder, he is a smart businessman. His dedication to the customer provides a professional building experience.

Gairy Nichols
Gairy & Marica Nichols decided to build a new home in Mount Gilead.

Two Times Thrilled – Tale of Two Cities and One Home

The quality of Berry’s work is what impressed me. I also thought he was a very good businessman. He doesn’t cut corners and everything is like he said it would be. With both houses, people told us it would be a nightmare, but we just didn’t have any problems… Emily Ragsdale.

Berry is as honest as the day is long. You get what you pay for. It was fun going through the process and I’d build another one… Charles Ragsdale.

Charles and Emily Ragsdale
Charles & Emily Ragsdale moved from their BEC-built home in Murrells Inlet and had BEC build the same house for them in DeBordieu.

Durable Homes & Commitment

It’s just like they finished it yesterday. Nine years later, we still call Berry [for advice] and it never seems to burden him.

Robert Whitehead
Robert & Joni Whitehead’s home by the creek in Waverly Mills (1993) on the durability of their home and BEC’s commitment.

Murrells Inlet Branch of the Conway National Back

We get a lot of compliments on the bank, both the interior and exterior, and how it blends with the surroundings. We were very pleased to have Berry build this bank. The overall experience was just exceptional. Berry has a wonderful business sense. He has the ability to be a good builder and he’s got good peopled working for him.

Dana Arneman
Dana Arneman, Vice President and loan officer at Conway National Bank.

Building on a Higher Level

Building a home – especially the home of which we have dreamed about for years – is serious business….We will always thank David Graham, our architect, for introducing us to you; for you made the business of building a home a rewarding experience. The final product is one which we love, and of which we are proud….In our building experience with you, there were never any surprises – thus, no issues. Its called “integrity”. After over a year in this home, we are confident of the quality of the construction…

Berry, through your professionalism you build on “a higher level” – through your personal qualities, you have become a friend.

Ross and Kathy Lenhart
Ross and Kathy Lenhart build in Heritage Plantation and write a thank you letter to Berry.


Working at BEC Construction is always a great opportunity for long term growth and advancement, working in a friendly and passionate environment with a dedicated team of professionals.


Working at BEC Construction is always a great opportunity for long term growth and advancement, working in a friendly and passionate environment with a dedicated team of professionals.